KCS Book List


1.          Harvey Couch - The Master Builder, by Wilson, published by Broadman Press, Nashville, TN, 1947

2.          Railroading the Modern Way, by S. Kip Farrington,  Jr., published by Coward‑McCann, New York,  1951, pp.116‑128 and 301‑306 (Decent thumbnail sketch of the KCS and its history until 1951.  Also includes a separate section about the Southern Belle.)

3.          Locomotives and Trains of the Louisiana &Arkansas, Kansas City Southern Railways, by A.  E.  Brown, author, publisher, photographer, Leesville, LA, >1952,   (There is no copyright date but the foreword says it is about the trains and locos of the time period 1931‑1952, so it has a post 1952 publishing date.)

4.          The Trains We Rode, Vol. 1, by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg, pp.  266-75,  Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA, 1965, 465 pp.  (Typical Beebe-Clegg photo coverage with excellent captions.  Briefly covers KCS and L&A.)

5.          Destination Topolobampo‑The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway, by John Leeds Kerr, Golden West Books, 220 pgs., 1968  (This book doesn't have very much on the KCS and its predecessors, but it tells you all about the railroad Stilwell tried to build after he was forced out if the KCP&G/KCS.)

6.          Arthur E. Stilwell ‑ Promoter with a Hunch, by Keith L. Bryant Jr., published by Vanderbilt University Press, 1971,

7.          Portrait of the Rails - Steam to Diesel, by John Ball, Jr., published by Galahad, New York, 1972, 140  pgs.  (Photos of Texas‑Type steam engine with some discussion about KCS's use of heavy‑duty steam power.)

8.          Kansas City Southern Historical Society - The Belle, published by KCSHS, 1980? and following years.

9.          Railroad Names, compiled by William D. Edson, published by William D.  Edson, Potomac, MD, 1984, 144 pp.  (Comprehensive listing of Railroads by name a small amount of data on each Railroad, including predecessor(s) and disposition.  No narrative.)

10.       Railroads of Kansas City, by Terry Lynch, published by Pruett Publishing Company, Boulder,  CO, 1984

11.       Passenger Train Journal, April, 1986, Vol.  17, No.  4, pp. 17-31, AMiss Belle and The Crow,@ by Wayne Kuchinsky  (Good story on passenger service.  Includes AKCS Lightweight-Era Equipment Roster.@)

12.       KCS: Route of The Southern Belle, by Terry Lynch and Warren D. Caileff, Jr., published by Pruett Publishing Company, Boulder,  CO, 1987, Library of Congress Card Number: 87‑25288  (Thus far the only authoritative, published history of the KCS.)

13.       Passenger Train Journal, October, 1988, pp.  17-37, AKansas City!,@ by ????,

14.       National Railway Historical Society Bulletin, 1990, Vol. 55, No. 1, pp. 4‑17, "Kansas City's Railroad" by the Bulletin Staff , and pp. 18‑22, "Kansas City Southern E‑Units" by Don G. Campbell

15.       The Model Railroader's Catalogue, by Melinda Corey and George Ochoa, published by Schuster, New York, 1991 (Mislabeled pictures, says F when it should be E, but it has a photo of a KCS E8!  on page 192.)

16.       Kansas City Southern in The Deramus Era, Louis Marre and Greg Sommers, published by Withers Publishing Co., 528 Dunkel School Road, Halifax, Pennsylvania 17032, rosters, maps, Library of Congress Card Number 97‑060478, ISBN 1-881411-14-1, 232 pgs., 1999  (Kansas City Southern Railway has always been an unusual property, and this book examines some of the qualities that have made it so. The focus is on the period during which its affairs were managed by three generations of the same family, the Deramus era. This book is not a study of management or of financial affairs, but rather of motive power and train operations.)

17.       The Louisiana & Arkansas: The Story of a Regional Railroad, by James R. Fair, published by the Northern Illinois University Press, Dekalb, IL, 1997, Library of Congress Card Number: 96‑53960, 19??

18.       Kansas City Southern Color Pictorial, by Steve Allen Goen, published by Four Ways West Publications, ISBN 1-885614-30-6, 128 pgs., 1999  Library of Congress Card Number: (?), (All color  photos of KCS.)

19.       F Units: The Diesels That Did It, by Jeff Wilson, p.  28, published by Kalmbach, 11 x 82; 128 pgs.; 120 B&W photos; 6 illustrations, perfect-bound soft-cover, price: $19.95, 2000.  (Discover the diesel locomotive that ran steam engines out of operation! Between the end of World War II and the 1960s, F units hauled freight and passengers for rail lines across the country. Includes rarely seen action shots of original FTs, F3s, F7s, F9s, and more.  KCS F units, photos and drawings.)

20.       More Classic American Railroads, by Mike Schafer, published by MBI (Motor Books International), Osceola, WI 54020, 156 p., ISBN 0-7603-0758-X, 2000  (An eight-page chapter on the KCS with many color pictures and route map.  Generally accurate and good photography.)




21.       Railroad Model Craftsman, August, 1936, p. 36, Rodger Ballast Car@

22.       The Model Railroader Cyclopedia/The Book of Plans, 1941 Edition,  p. 96, AC&NW quad hopper; KCS automobile car@

23.       Model Railroader, October, 1944, p. 438, Passenger cars - plans for KC&S equipment@

24.       HO Monthly/Model Trains, February, 1951, p. 44, Kansas City Southern 2-10-4 Road Nos. 904-909,@

25.       HO Monthly/Model Trains, February, 1953, p. 26, Loco Photos - Kansas City Southern 0-8-0; Temiskaming and Northern Ontario 4,@

26.       Model Railroader, December, 1956, p. 64, Kansas City Southern 4-4-0,@ #143, by Ed Gebhardt

27.       Model Railroader, January, 1957, p. 45, Kansas City Southern caboose,@ by Ed Gebhardt

28.       Model Railroader, November, 1958, p. 77, Blue Book of Model RR Practice 42: WP Geep, KCS F-unit color charts,@

29.       Railroad Model Craftsman, October, 1967, p. 34, Milwaukee Road, Erie-Lackawanna and KCS Pullmans,@ 14 rmte-4db William Edenborn,@ by George T. Trager

30.       Trains, November, 1967, p. ??,  "About the Railroad whose President Say ... 'We have no intention of going out of the passenger business," by Lou Marre, (About the passenger service on the KCS.  This brought about a case of the "Trains jinx," because a couple of months later the railroad filed an application with the ICC to discontinue all passenger service.)

31.       Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 1: Steam Locomotives, p. 108, AKCS-L&A 4-6-0 Hustler@

32.       Extra 2200 South, January, 1970, roster and photos

33.       NMRA Bulletin, October, 1973, p. 29, AKCS Freight Depot & Privy, Watts, Oklahoma,@ by Paul Moon

34.       Railroad Modeler, April, 1974, p. 38, Know your diesel: EMD's SW1500,@ by David Lustig

35.       Locomotive Quarterly, Summer, 1977, pp. 3‑33, Kansas City Southern‑ Where Mallets Once Ruled,@ by Raymond W. Brown (Excellent expose on KCS steam power, includes numerous photos in LA, including Shreveport and Forbing!)

36.       Model Railroader, March, 1978, p. 70, The Kansas City Southern Lines, 15x30,@ by Jim Hediger

37.       Railroad Modeler, May, 1978, p. 54, Vest pocket yards,@ by Donald Sims

38.       Prototype Modeler, June, 1978, p. 57, AKCS boxcar No.21301,@ by Cyril Durrenberger

39.       NMRA Bulletin, March, 1979, p. 16, Evolution Railroad Herald,@ by Tom O’Neil

40.       Trains, August, 1979, pp. 22‑29,AThe KCS Story: How the Railroad With the White Diesels Nearly Ran in the Red - Pt. I,@ by  Frailey, Fred.  (Story of the Maintenance of Way Debacle of the early 70's.)

41.       Trains, September, 1979, pp. 22‑29,AThe KCS Story: How the Railroad With the White Diesels Nearly Ran in the Red‑‑Pt 2,@ by Fred Frailey (Maintenance of Way Debacle continued.)

42.       Railroad Modeler, November, 1979, p. 18, From highway to railway - a look at rail buses, autos and trucks,@ by John J.  Hilton

43.       Mainline Modeler, January/February, 1980, p. 39, AUSRA Freight Cars - First of a series on the USRA cars,@ by James E. Lane

44.       Model Railroader, February, 1980, p. 84, EMD's Versatile GP‑38,@ (Picture of KCS GP38‑2 with discussion on how it compares to other GP38‑2's,  picture of KCS GP38 on page 88.)

45.       Prototype Modeler, October, 1980, p. 32, Kansas City Southern - An Update,@  by Terry Lynch

46.       Model Railroader, November, 1980, p. 70, Kansas City Southern trains 9 and 10,@ by Andy Sperandeo

47.       Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives, p. 58, ALCo 1000-hp. light road switcher, model RS-1@

48.       Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives, p. 80, Fairbanks-Morse 2000-hp. A1A-A1A dual-service cab unit, >Erie-Built="

49.       Model Railroader Cyclopedia - Volume 2: Diesel Locomotives, p. 139, Electro-Motive 2000-hp. road switcher, model GP38-2@

50.       NMRA Bulletin, September, 1981, p. 11, Advanced planning - too advanced!@ by William McDill

51.       Prototype Modeler, May/June, 1982, p. 20, Modeling KCS F Units,@ by Terry Lynch and Mike LaSalle

52.       Model Railroader, August, 1982, p. 106, Paint Shop: NSL electric loco; KCS, AA boxcars; B&O flatcar,@ by Jim Hediger

53.       Trains, July, 1984, p. 42, Motors Minus Prime Movers,@ (Pictures of KCS GP40's with F7 slug. Picture and mention in text on pages 47 & 48.)

54.       Mainline Modeler, August, 1984, p. 54, AKCS auto boxcar,@ #20600-20698, (Article also published in The Best of Mainline Modeler's Freight Cars Volume 1, p. 78), by Robert L. Hundman and John Nehrich

55.       Mainline Modeler, August, 1984, p. 78, AKCS painting guide SD40/SD40-2/SD40X/SD50,@ by Robert L. Hundman

56.       Layout Design Journal/News, January, 1985, p. 13, Broadway Tower, Kansas City - a 4 level NTRAK Module,@ by Matt Schaefer

57.       Railroad Model Craftsman, February, 1985, p. 64, AKCS F-units - more than meets the eye,@ by Jack Ferris

58.       Mainline Modeler, July, 1985, p. 58, The Wabash L-1 2-10-2,@ #200-205, (Article also published in The Locomotive Cyclopedia, Volume I), by Robert L. Hundman and George Drake

59.       Railroad Model Craftsman, November, 1985, p. 89, The ALCO HH1000,@ by Ed Gebhardt

60.       Railroad Model Craftsman, April, 1987, p. 48, Kansas City Southern SD40-2,@ by Frank Mabry

61.       Mainline Modeler, June, 1987, p. 22, East Bridge Jct.,@ tower, by Reuben M.  Feuge

62.       Model Railroading, July, 1988, p. 36, F3 Diesels, In Color, Part I,@

63.       Model Railroading, July, 1988, p. 38, Diesel Detail Close-Up EMD F3A as KCS No.50,@

64.       Prototype Modeler, May/June, 1989, p. 40, Prototype Profile: Kansas City Southern's Texas Subdivision,@ by Cyril Durrenberger

65.       Mainline Modeler, July, 1989, p. 52, KCS GP30 #500-530, by David Peck

66.       Prototype Modeler, July/August, 1989, p. 12, The Prototype Modeler's Notebook: Kansas City Southern PS-1,@ #18150-18949, by Cyril Durrenberger

67.       Railroad Model Craftsman, September, 1989, p. 53, Steel-side USRA rebuilds, part 1,@ by Martin Lofton

68.       Railroad Model Craftsman, October, 1989, p. 75, Steel-side USRA rebuilds, part II,@ by Martin Lofton

69.       Mainline Modeler, April, 1990, p. 26, AKCS Covered Hopper,@ #308251-309249, by Mark Hills

70.       Mainline Modeler, January, 1991, p. 32, All Welded Hopper-Gon - unique to the KCS,@ #29000, by Martin Lofton

71.       The Best of Mainline Modeler's Freight Cars, Volume 1, p. 78, AKCS auto boxcar,@ (Article also published in Mainline Modeler, August 1984, p. 54), by Robert L. Hundman and John Nehrich

72.       Model Railroader, October, 1991, p. 150, Ask Paint Shop: Kansas City Southern white and gray schemes,@ Kansas City Southern Photo Roster Diesel Era, March/April 1991 p. 28  by Warren Calloway

73.       Railmodel Journal, October, 1991, p. 10, KCS covered hopper #29575-29596, ACF, by Ed Hawkins

74.       Mainline Modeler, January, 1992, p. 64, Kansas City Southern GP38-2,@ #4000-4033, by Greg Drawbaugh

75.       Model Railroader, January, 1992, p. 168, Ask Paint Shop: Kansas City Southern color update,@ by Dave McMullen

76.       Model Railroading, February, 1992, p. 18, Diesel Detail Close-Up: Kansas City Southern SD40-2,@ (Article also published in Modeling & Detailing Diesels, Volume 2 , p. 91), by Rich Picariello

77.       Railmodel Journal, April 1992 p. 36, Model Diesels, Detail-by-Detail: EMD F3-A and F3-B on the KCS,@ by Tom Bartzen

78.       Mainline Modeler, April, 1992, p. 76, AKCS Rebuilt Box Car - the Unibody kits,@ by Joe Pennington

79.       Mainline Modeler, November, 1992, p. 69, Modern Day Helper Service In Kansas,@ by Dan Munson

80.       Modeling & Detailing Diesels, Volume 2, p. 91, Diesel Detail Close-Up: Kansas City Southern SD40‑2,@ Article also published in Model Railroading, February 1992, p. 18, by Rich Picariello

81.       Railmodel Journal, April, 1994, p. 52, AEMD S040-2 as KCS' 675 from Athearn's Kit,@ by Mike Daniels

82.       Railroad Model Craftsman, April, 1994, p. 59, Three Midwestern GP30's,@ by Al Warren

83.       NMRA Bulletin, December, 1994, p. 19, Rail Reporter: Merging powers - IC+KCS, BN+ATSF = NS+Conrail?@ by Andrew McBride

84.       CTC Board, September, 1995, p. ??, Over The River And Through The Woods,@ Kansas City Southern's Third & Fourth Subdivisions, by Robert Harmen

85.       Mainline Modeler, November, 1995, pp. 26‑48, AKCS Southern Belle: Its Fifty‑Fifth Anniversary,@ by Nicholas Muff   (Review of the Belle's origins with photos and scale drawings of locomotives and cars.  Additional info can also be found at the front of the KCS 1995 Calendar.)

86.       Trains, January, 1996, p. 14,  Potomac Pundit: The Merger Juggernaut Has Hit a Few Potholes,@ (KCS president Mike Haverty strongly objects to proposed Southern Pacific & Union Pacific Merger and has formed a group to protest the merger.)

87.       Trains, January, 1996, p. 25, Railroad News: KCS Readies Its New Business Train,@ (Photo insert with 2 photos of the new KCS business train in Southern Belle‑like color scheme.)

88.       Trains, February, 1996, pp. 34‑41, by J.  Parker Lamb, "New Dimensions for the Kansas City Southern."  (Update on KCS's acquisition of extensive MidSouth track Mileage in the early 90's;  photo of KCS train on contents page.)

89.       Railmodel Journal, March, 1996, p. 50, Automobile Cars, AAR 50-Foot Steel,@ by Richard Hendrickson

90.       CTC Board, April, 1996, p. ??, AKCS Train Symbols,@ KCS changes from train numbers to alpha-based train symbols, by Milo Bloom

91.       Model Railroading, November, 1996, p. 56, KCS E7 #6-20

92.       Model Railroading, December, 1996, p. 50, AE7 - The Standard Passenger Diesel, part 4,@ by George Melvin

93.       CTC Board, March, 1997, p. ??, Ozark Crossing: Kansas City Southern's Second Subdivision,@ by Michael Hasbargen

94.       CTC Board, April, 1997, p. ??,  North End Connection: Kansas City Southern's First Subdivision,@  by Carl Graves

95.       Railmodel Journal, May, 1997, p. 8, A50-Foot PS-1 Box Cars; Circa 1948-1961, part 5,@ by Ed Hawkins

96.       Model Railroading, August, 1997, p. 50, Coil Steel (and related) Cars,@ by David Casdorph

97.       Mainline Modeler, January, 1998, p. 26, Identifying FMC/Gunderson Box Cars - 1972-1997,@ by David Casdorph

98.       Mainline Modeler, February, 1998, p. 48, Decatur Station On The Kansas City Southern,@  by Nicholas Muff

99.       Mainline Modeler, May, 1998, p. 20, AKCS Business Car - a Modernized Car,@ by Nicholas Muff

100.    Mainline Modeler, July, 1998, p. 23, Modified Wood Chip Hopper - Kansas City Southern,@ by James Kinkaid

101.    Model Railroad Planning, January, 1999, p. 18, Five Railroads, four yards, one city: Kansas City Terminal,@ (Emphasizing traffic between yards in a major metropolitan setting.)  By Jim Senese

102.    CTC Board, February, 1999, p. ??, AKCS Motive Power Survey,@ by Danny Johnson, (Kansas City Southern and its subsidiaries now roster 856 locomotives.)

103.    Railroad Model Craftsman, April, 1999, p. 74, KCS chip hopper #503002-504297, by Eric Neubauer

104.    Mainline Modeler, June, 1999, p. 67, AKCS Sand Tower - modeled in styrene, part 1,@ New Orleans, LA, by Don Coppola and Bill Lang

105.    Mainline Modeler, June, 1999, p. 69, AKCS Sand Tower - modeled in styrene,@ by Robert L. Hundman

106.    Railmodel Journal, June, 1999, p. 22, KCS flat #1000-1199, by Richard Hendrickson

107.    Railroad Model Craftsman, June, 1999, p. 75, KCS pulp rack #24000-24019, 24200-24449, others, by Eric Neubauer

108.    Railmodel Journal, July, 1999, p. 15, KCS box #21001-21300, 40'6", by Ed Hawkins

109.    Mainline Modeler, July, 1999, p. 46, AKCS Sand Tower - modeled in styrene, part 2 - conclusion,@ by Robert L. Hundman

110.    Railmodel Journal, August, 1999, p. 24, AAAR 50-ton flat cars in HO scale from Proto 2000 kits, part II,@ by Richard Hendrickson

111.    Mainline Modeler, September, 1999, p. 60, KCS Tower Number 5,@ by Nicholas Muff

112.    Model Railroading, November, 1999, p. 32, Freightcarology: Kansas City Southern's Boxcars,@  by David Casdorph

113.    Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 3, p. 32, Vintage Box Car Painting and Lettering,@ (All "Box Car Red" Box Cars Weren't "Box Car Red".)  by Pat Wider

114.    Railmodel Journal, January, 2000, p. 40, AIPD, Railbox & other cars from the box car boom of the 70s, part I,@ American Car & Foundry Cars , by Jim Eager

115.    Railmodel Journal, February, 2000, p. 18,AUSRA 50-ton 41-foot 6-inch composite gondolas,@ by Richard Hendrickson

116.    Mainline Modeler, May, 2000, p. 66, AKCS-L&N Bay Window Caboose - a modified box car,@ by Nicholas Muff

117.    Railmodel Journal, May, 2000, p. 28, Railbox & other X-post cars from the box car boom of the 70s, part III,@ Pullman-Standard cars, the "New Standard" car from Athearn's 5800-series kit, by Jim Eager

118.    Model Railroading, June/July, 2000, p. 56, Diesel Detail Close-Up: Kansas City Southern (KCS) SD40X,SD50 & SD60," by Rich Picariello

119.    Model Railroader, August, 2000, p. 34, Prototype Info: Kansas City Southern >snoots=; Single-point turnouts,@ by Jeff Wilson

120.    Railroad Model Craftsman, August, 2000, p. 61, Kansas City Southern's lightweight passenger cars,@ AAmerican Flyer@ coaches built in 1937, by Nicholas Muff

121.    Mainline Modeler, September, 2000, p. 38, Kansas City Southern Sheffield Interlocking,@ by Nicholas Muff

122.    Railmodel Journal, October, 2000, p. 8, ASD50 and SD60 Diesels,@ From Proto2000 in HO scale, from Atlas in N scale , by Scott Chatfield

123.    CTC Board, December, 2000, p. 40, Kansas City Southern: Putting Alternating Current to the Test,@ KCS's new AC4400CW units, by Carl Graves

124.    Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 4, p. 1, Box Car Lettering Practices,@ by Pat Wider

125.    Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, Volume 5, p. 59, EMD F2 and Early F3 Diesel Locomotives,@ , by Ed Hawkins (Important locomotives in railroad history contributing to the demise of steam.)

126.    Mainline Modeler, March, 2001, p. 29, A1949 Southern Belle@ drawings of 1949 divided coach and baggage-mail-dorm, by Nicholas S. Muff

127.    Railmodel Journal, March, 2001, p. 55, Pullman-Standard 40 and 50-foot box cars from Red Caboose or InterMountain kit,@ PS-0, #25100-25299, 2374?, by Stan Rydarowicz

128.    Diesel Era, March/April, 2001, p. 28, AKCS AC4400CWs,@ photos and commentary on Kansas City Southern's fleet of GE diesels

129.    Mainline Modeler, April, 2001, p. 38, A1949 Southern Belle,@ drawings of 1949 tavern observation Hospitality,@ diner Old Plantation,@ coach Shreveport,@ and 14-4 sleeper Job Edson,@ by Nicholas S. Muff

130.    Mainline Modeler, June, 2001, p. ??, A1949 Southern Belle,@ drawings of ??????,  by Nicholas S. Muff

131.    Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots, p. 19, Arkansas: Rich Mountain@ by J. David Ingles

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135.    Guide to North American Railroad Hot Spots, p. 175, Texas: Texarkana@ by J. David Ingles


With significant assistance from the bibliography page authored and maintained for the Kansas City Southern Historical Society by Karl M. Bernard.